Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And We're Off...!


Music has filled the halls of George Street Playhouse, doors are slamming, phones are ringing, and several new employees are still learning everyone's name, but it all means one thing...


The Toxic Avenger officially went into rehearsal today! The day started with a production meeting between the director, all the designers, the choreographer, and the production staff. As an outside observer, I find that whole process fascinating to watch. When so many creative people are in one room, it's easy for one fastic idea to start a momentary tangent. of a hundred possibilities When even discussing the concepts are funny, it certainly leaves no doubt that this is a musical COMEDY.

Here are some quotable moments, without giving the some of the surprises away:

  • "The bigger the gun, the better the option"

  • "Do you have access to exploding flesh?"

  • "How grotesque is this baby?"

  • "Every time he reaches underneath the table, I'm terrified!"

In the coming days look for an introduction to the new educational tour, reports from more rehearsals, and much more as the GSP Blog kicks back into gear! Tickets for the season are now on sale. So hurry up and get some already!

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