Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meet Angela Cucco: Fearless Leader of the Tour

After 5 years in various areas of Pennsylvania, with summers on Martha's Vineyard and at Williamstown, MA, Angela is oh-so-glad to be back in New Jersey. While looking at colleges years ago, she remembers seeing the George Street Playhouse while visiting Rutgers, and even back then she wanted to work here.
A proud Jersey girl at heart, she attended Lehigh University for theatre, and is happy to be the touring stage manager this season. Angela is obsessed with anything "Jersey," so imagine her excitement when she found out GSP was producing The Toxic Avenger! She always believed New Jersey was totally lacking a superhero.... until now!
Angela is looking forward to touring and seeing lots of kids go crazy over the shows and the actors, especially when in their Peacemaker costumes. She is also excited to get acquainted with the city of New Brunswick, discover all ways to avoid taking Route 18, and get back her Jersey accent.

Hometown: I'm a proud resident of the 201 (Bergen County, that is.)

Favorite Thing to do on a day off: Sleep in, read, and be social with people outside the theatre world.

Audition Piece: I carry around a big, overstuffed 3" binder from Inherit the Wind from my senior year at Lehigh.

What do you listen to on the way to work: Shuffle on my ipod. But I'm trying to go through all of my CDs, finding old, forgotten favorites, now that I am commuting an hour each way to work (yes, I'm still living in Bergen County). The most prominent artist on my ipod is Nine Inch Nails.

Most embarassing stage moment: I avoid onstage moments. I work where you don't see me. And I like to keep it that way.

First Broadway Show: The Radio City Christmas Show. But since I don't really count that as Broadway, the real answer is Once on This Island. This show opened in 1990. Which means I was 5 when I saw it. {Although, I will say that when I was younger, I totally wanted to be a Rockette. And I have seen the Radio City Christmas Show numerous times since then. Cause it's awesome.}

Must See TV: The West Wing (I guess that's a must see DVD). How I Met Your Mother.

Latest Movie Recommendation: Does anybody have one for me?

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