Monday, September 8, 2008

7 Questions for: Nikelola Balogun

Well how about from the sort of beginning? Well, my name is Nikelola I am 18+ years old (ha-ha) and I am originally from the WEST COAST ! Yup, guess which wonderful state. Cali -Forn- I-A! Yup. I'm an L.A. girl, minus all those stereotypes, like I don't always like twirl my hair, like, and like talk like valley like and have fake boobs like and am like super Barbie plastic like? Hmmmmmm. Well, anyhoo I'm just a silly and interesting chickadee from Cali and you can say that I've wanted to be an actress since I can remember, though my background says otherwise. I actually went to school for Business (Tulane Univ) and only did it as a safety net, but I knew my true calling was acting. So after I graduated I tried my luck as an actress in Los Angeles and yikes!!! T'was really difficult and I got scammed and failed miserably. At that time, I got discouraged and decided retire my acting jersey. I then packed my bags, moved to the big apple (NYC if any of you are like, whah?) and got a job in the Fashion industry. I thought that this would make me happy but after some time of having nightmares and getting visits from celebrity ghosts in my dreams (you know how Ebenezer Scrooge got visits from 3 ghosts showing him what his life would be like if he didn't exist?) well I got a visit from Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt and Oprah Winfrey (please don't ask) showing me how my life would be without acting. So waking up sweaty and fearful of such a horrible future, I was reborn and decide I could put aside this dream no longer and have been back to pursue my dream/passion for acting ever since.;-) And now, here I am at the George Street Playhouse-- There's no place like home...

Hometown: Los Angeles, CALIFORN I-A

Favorite Thing to do on a day off: Watch my Korean Dramas and brush up on the foreign languages i am learning.

What do you listen to on the way to work: The traffic on the street?

Most embarassing stage moment: Getting clothes-lined on my way to class, while ridding my back in front of the entire football team.

First Broadway Show: The Lion King

Must See TV: Heroes & Korean Dramas

Lastest Movie Recommendation: Batman

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