Monday, September 29, 2008

Meet Timothy Regan

My name is Timothy Regan and I come from Bogota NJ. It is a very small town in Bergen County with a JR/SR high school with only 500 students. I graduated in 2004 with a class of 85 students. I attended Kean University as a Theatre Education major for two years then switched to a BA Theatre and made it out in four years! And now I am here at George Street Playhouse happier than ever, to be part of such a talented and welcoming group of people.

Hometown: Bogota, NJ

Favorite Thing to do on a day off: Sleep in, watch TV, play poker either online or with some friends.

Audition Piece: I tend to rotate through several...Dramatic: Two Rooms Comedic: The Jerk, Classic: Richard III

What do you listen to on the way to work: Mainly my ipod on shuffle or FRESH 102.7

Most embarassing stage moment: My senior year at Kean during the first act Pirates of Penzance my pants had unhooked and unzipped and slid out from under my belt to around my thighs before I noticed that my boxers were now showing and I still had a lot of dancing to do and not a convenient time to try to exit to fix my situation!

First Broadway Show: Beauty and the Beast

Must See TV: One Tree Hill. Used to be Boy Meets World!!

Movie Recommendation: Boondock Saints

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