Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Briefly Speaking with: Karen Price

Ok, try to remember that time in February where we promised you a new installment of the can't? Well that's ok, because we're bringing it to you again! Every once in awhile I try and steal a few minutes of the staff's time to get them to contribute to the blog. Hopefully we'll have more involvement this coming season! For now, our Business Manager was happy to take a few minutes to fill out our questionnaire.

Karen Price, recently celebrated her 20th season with GSP(yes you read that right) as Business Manager. She basically handles all financial matters of running the theatre, including serving as a one person human resources department! (we're a small, but mighty band)

Hometown: Craig, Nebraska

Favorite Thing to do on a day off: movies, shopping, reading (Karen's mourning the loss of the Borders on Route 18 too, she feels your pain).

Favorite Restaurant recommendation in New Brunswick: Soho on George

Favorite GSP moment: In our 2002- 2003 season, we cancelled the first preview of The 75th/Vibrator because the NY Times wanted to see and review the show prior to opening. We protected the playwright, Arthur Laurents and actors Liz Wilson and Tom Aldredge.

AND In 2004, When we honored David Saint at the Gala, he called the staff to come to the stage to be recognized and our marketing director, Kelly Ryman, was present by cell phone, because she was in labor at the time!

First Broadway Show: A Radio City show & movie

Must See TV: Project Runway

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