Friday, February 1, 2008

Lots O' Press!

Well the reviews are in for Oscar and the Pink Lady. In case you still haven't seen Rosemary Harris' inspiring performance. Here's a few more reasons...

Anita Gates of the NY Times writes: "Here is the grand lady of the stage, costumed as a hospital volunteer of an advanced age and a certain style...and she still radiates an effortless grandeur....Rosemary Harris is absolutely charming, and so the evening is, too." Read the full review

Peter Filichia of the Star Ledger writes "Harris' portrayal of a 10-year old is consistently smart. She offers the squinty and scrunched-up face of a lad who's trying to understand his fate. She's so accomplished there that an audience could easily overlook her other achievement in making a fully developed "Granny Pink." There she offers a soft Irish brogue and an arms-clasped around-her-waist stance that shows Oscar she's taking him seriously....the opportunity to see Rosemary Harris must be seized."

Simon Salzman for US1 and Curtain up says "Rosemary Harris is Luminous and Enchanting...To say that the dual role-playing is simply a tour-de-force for the celebrated actress is to diminish the play's earnest if heavy-handed mission: to question and celebrate the value and delicacy of life from a perspective of youth and old age."

There's also a fantastic read about David Saint's 10th Anniversary, covered by the Princeton Packet. "It’s shaping up to be a bravo kind of year for Mr. Saint during his 10th season as artistic director of the playhouse in New Brunswick. It opened with Jack Klugman and Paul Dooley, along with record-breaking attendance numbers at the theater, in Neil Simon’s The Sunshine Boys. An acclaimed production of John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt followed, and now Ms. Harris is finishing her run in Oscar and the Pink Lady. Next up is the 2007 play The Scene (written by Theresa Rebeck, a hot playwright in the wake of Mauritius’ Broadway run), then the world premiere of Elaine May’s Roger is Dead, starring Marlo Thomas."
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