Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cuddly makes his Debut!

I love previews at George Street Playhouse mainly because of the discussions with the audience afterwards. In most cases, Artistic Director David Saint is joined on stage by the director and occasionally members of the cast. Last week was a little different when Frank Dunlop the director of Oscar and the Pink Lady and Rosemary Harris, the show's star, surprised everyone (including David), for the talkback. All three nights, Ms. Harris took questions from the audience and also spoke briefly about her distinguished career in theatre and film.

The discussion took a personal twist, when she mentioned that the bear used in the show, was actually from her childhood! As she told it, Ms. Harris was sent to boarding school when she was a girl, and was incredibly homesick. "Cuddly," as she named the bear, comforted her for almost a year. She has since lent him to her sister and her three kids. "Cuddly" has withstood the test of time, though he's lost some of his padding, and is worn after years of use. Oscar...marks Cuddly's stage debut!

"Cuddly" photo by T. Charles Erickson. - posted by Scott Goldman, Executive Assistant

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