Monday, November 12, 2007

GSP on the Road: In Rehearsal

Now that the touring company has two shows under their belts, it is time to begin rehearsing for our third show: Peacemaker. This show is geared to our younger audiences Pre-K through 4th grades and it tells the tale of the Blues and the Reds. We begin our tale with a puppet show- with actual puppets- to illustrate how well the blues and the reds got along. Unfortunately, the bridge that separates the two lands is only wide enough for one person to cross at a time. So one day both a blue and a red want to cross at the same time but neither wants to move so they end up in a Big Fight and that started a war between both lands. End Puppet show. We then come into the present with Simp, Franny and Mr. Man all Reds and we learn that since that huge fight, no Red has ever met with a Blue and vice versa. We take the journey with Simp who wants to learn how to juggle but is unable to. Franny tries to help but just as she is about to Mr. Man enters as the guardian and protector of the Wall yelling at them to “Get away from the wall!” They soon hear a noise from the other side of the wall. Enter Bluey, a friendly Blue, who befriends Simp and Franny. In exchange of teaching Simp how to juggle Franny teaches Bluey how to dance, but they cannot see each other because of the wall. So they decide to take down the wall and be friends. But enter Mr. Man who gets freaked out to see the Wall taken down and hurriedly Simp and Franny put the wall back up to appease Mr. Man. As Simp says farewell she turns to the audience asks them how the story should go on. End Scene.

This show is a fun upbeat crazy show, and it being our shortest show it certainly is jam packed with a lot of action. Not only are the costumes huge and fun but this our most complicated set we have to construct. I would describe but it would take me a year to write it all down. Anyway’s rehearsals are going quite well. It started off slow; blocking the show scene by scene and working out moments. Gradually we added props and sounds and costumes. Now that we have finished blocking the show, we are starting to run the show with full costumes. We have been rehearsing this show for about a week and a half now and our first performance is on the 16th. I think we will be ready; the actors have done a fabulous job with the characters; and that is special thanks to Julie our Resident Teaching Artist. She has a great background in clown work and miming and that was key in understanding the characters of Peacemaker. She has worked hard with the actors having them concentrating on the mannerisms and reactions of the characters. It was a huge help, thanks Julie!!

So, that’s it for now, I have to get back to rehearsal but stay tuned for an update on our fourth and final show – Wasted.
posted by Kristen Pfiefer, Touring Stage Manager

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