Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Got Doubts?

During our three preview performances we hold a talkback session with Artistic Director David Saint, the director of the production, and occasionally members of the company. Last night at our first preview talk back with Director Anders Cato, the audience's comments were both encouraging and insightful. I was also encouraged to see so many Rutgers students engaged and in discussion as well. Based on the performance and the discussion following, minor changes will be made to enhance the production before opening night.

During an audience poll about half agreed with Sister Aloyisious' suspicions regarding Father Flynn's alleged innappropriate behavior. The remaining half, disagreed, and believed Father Flynn was innocent.

What do you think? See Doubt now through December 23rd and then, take our poll on the right. Who's right and who's wrong? In the words of Mrs. Muller... "Some things are not black and white!"
posted by Scott Goldman, Executive Assistant

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KB said...

It's so tricky! I felt sure he was innocent when I saw the play - and that the sister had something happen to her in her past that made may have clouded her judgment. Did others feel that way?

I loved the play! It is great to leave the theatre with so much to talk about.