Thursday, October 18, 2007

Report from Previews

The Sunshine Boys will play it's final preview tonight before opening tomorrow and everything seems to be coming into focus. The audience response has been extremely encouraging, and many performances are already close to sold out! Following each performance, David Saint, the director of the show and members of the cast have spoken with the audience about the rehearsal process, working together, comedic timing and the like. I really can't talk about the show too much because I'd give away the best parts. All I can say is that the entire cast is really terrific and fun to watch. Paul Dooley has shared some great stories from his days in the original Odd Couple on Broadway (as one of the poker players) as well as his many film credits. Some of the same stories are told in an interview with Doug Doyle on WBGO and is available on our website.

Following the talk-back and after each performance, Jack Klugman will be signing copies of his book, Tony and Me. The book chronicles his long relationship with Odd Couple partner Tony Randall, includes a forward by the series creator Gary Marshall (Happy Days) and includes a DVD of outtakes from the series. In addition to books, Jack has also posed for photos, signed programs, postcards, photos. One of our patrons actually had a TV Guide with him on the cover!

Here's a teaser photo taken at our dress rehearsal by T. Charles Erickson.

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