Monday, October 15, 2007

Master Class and so much more

So Sunday Night was the invited dress rehearsal before our first preview and what a night it was! It’s the first time the cast has an opportunity to perform for someone more than the director and tech staff. The goal is to run the entire show, with intermission with sound, lighting, and scenic shift cues. Staff members attending included marketing and front of house personnel, the production staff (taking notes of course),and a few select friends. We always knew we had terrific actors in the production, several of whom appeared in the Broadway revival in 1997, but watching Jack Klugman and Paul Dooley on stage together is like a master class in comedy that you can’t get anywheree else. While Neil Simon has written some of the funniest lines ever to appear on stage, Klugman and Dooley find some of the greatest comedic moments in silence. Dancing to a TV commerical or sipping tea, a frustrated look at a wall socket, or lock on the door, everything gets a laugh.

But why give it all away? See for yourself, but hurry, tickets are selling fast. Next time, I’ll post some photos of the production and give you a report from previews!

-- Scott Goldman, Executive Assistant

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