Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rave Reviews for Clever Little Lies

Jim Stanek, Greg Mullavey, and Marlo Thomas; photo by T. Charles Erickson

"A first rate cast...Genuinely funny.
Marlo Thomas effortlessly handles the script's dry's poignant
ending is particularly affecting"
-The New York Times

“…be prepared for some extraordinarily good theater…” – Asbury Park Press

“…audiences should not miss an opportunity to see this jewel of a performance!”
 “[DiPietro] crafts a neat stage quartet, which is brilliantly led by Marlo Thomas…”
- The Star Ledger

 "Once again, David Saint does what he has done going on two decades -- finding great new works, casting the best actors one could imagine and directing with amazing skill.  No wonder George Street has become a breeding ground for successful Broadway productions." - NJ Hills
“Don’t miss it!”  - Out in Jersey

“…playwright Joe DiPietro avoids easy answers and provides entertainment as well as food for thought.” 
- The Star-Ledger

“An outrageously funny comedy, "Clever Little Lies" offers more than just laughs.”

“A hit!  Clever Little Lies is a beautifully written and performed story of secrets and confessions of love, marriage and fidelity.”
“Marlo Thomas headlines the four-person cast, shouldering the heft of the play with graceful strength and a biting sense of humor. “  -
“Marlo Thomas gives a sparkling performance.”  -
“…clever, insightful comedy…” –
“Marlo Thomas delights in world premiere Clever Little Lies.” –
“With this play, George Street has produced yet another winner in what is sure to be a banner 40th-anniversary year.” – The Princeton Packet

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