Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Toxie Commercial!

One of the most frequently asked questions at NY Comic Con about Toxic Avenger was "Where's LLOYD?" Lloyd Kaufman is the owner/creator of Troma Films, and has gleefully endorsed this production. Here's a commercial he recently shot for us, but I should note, that the opinions expressed by Mr. Kaufman, as offbeat and hysterical as they may be, are not necessarily that of George Street Playhouse, its Board of Trustees or staff.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's a bird...It's a plane...

What do Spiderman, Spongebob SquarePants, the Incredible Hulk, and THE TOXIC AVENGER all have in common? They were all at NY Comic-Con April 18 - 20, and GSP was there promoting our new fall musical! In addition to a slimy, smoking, barrel of toxic waste, GSP's own Chris Bailey appeared as Toxie himself, in a costume made by our fantastic costume shop, and the original Toxie mask on loan from Troma Films. Thousands turned out to the event, and hundreds posed for pictures with the famed "Superhero from New Jersey!" The excitement was unbelievable. One thing's for sure, if you saw Evil Dead: The Musical, last year off-Broadway, this is a show for you!

It was a busy weekend for the GSP folks, as well also attended an event for the Edison Wetlands Association Earth Day event, which drew over 200 people!

(Left: Bob from the Wetlands Assocation and Toxie)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lessons in Laughter

Well the reviews are in and George Street has ended its season "on a high note."
For those of you who have missed recent posts about Roger is Dead with now is your LAST CHANCE! You have 3 weeks left to catch it . As the
Two River Times says, "Elaine May is at the top of her game, which, for those who might not remember, is to entertain with an edge."

While many of you may know who Elaine May is, I only recently discovered just how funny Ms. May and her partner Mike Nichols really were as a comedic duo. During her stay here in rehearsal everyone would refer to the "telephone call" or the "doctor / nurse sketch", and quote lines like "It's a mother's love". Well I recently happened across this podcast with STEVE MARTIN, courtesy of Public Radio, with clips from the old Nichols and May routines. It's a great resource and hysterically funny.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Backstage Tour

Here's a look backstage of ROGER IS DEAD from last weekend's technical rehearsals. The set design is quite meticulous. Roger is Dead takes place in Carla and Michael Kerns' apartment, a "very small, shabby" home in Manhattan, as designed by R. Michael Miller. Mr. Miller has designed more than 15 shows at the playhouse and is on the faculty at Mason Gross School of the Arts.

View from the Tech Table last weekend Close up of the kitchen area, notice the detail.
Actual photos of cast members adorn the dresser.
Past the front door entrance to the apartment, is an actual hallway to another apartment! The hallway floor received the same hardwood paint treatment as the main floor / living area,

Carla and Michael's bedroom hallwa, a work still in progress of being "dressed" during Tech.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Blog Feature!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Intimate Evening with Idina Menzel

Last night, Idina Menzel launched her tour at George Street Playhouse promoting her new album "I Stand." In a truly intimate setting, Idina shared stories of growing up "as a jewish girl in Marlboro and Somerset" and thinks she probably lived in New Brunswick before moving to Long Island. "I don't say that in every city I go to," she told the sold-out crowd. Spaced between each number she spoke of her survival job as a wedding / bar and bat mitzvah singer, "Ladies and Gentleman your salad course is now ready" and did bits of Michael Jackson and The Girl from Impanema in her early nineties sparkle gown which she's saved. In addition to the wedding segment, Idina spoke on her views of religion, "I'm a very spiritual person, but was raised Jewish," her desire to have kids someday, "I love you honey!" she said to her husband, Taye Diggs, who remained her silent support! "I don't like to know where he is, I get very nervous," she said. The George Street Playhouse stop, wass her first time performing this material before an audience as she goes out on the road to Barrington Stage, and other venues, before taping her concert for PBS at Rose Hall in New York!. Of course, she closed her concert with a thrilling performance of "Defying Gravity" from her Tony-Award Winning turn as Elphaba in Wicked. The final note ended in screams, cheers, and a standing ovation! We're thrilled to continue to be the safe location where artists feel they can develop their work.

Her fans have already posted some of their reactions:

"She was in amazing voice, looked lovely and had a charming stage presence and personality. She indicated that she was very nervous as it was her first show. You couldn't tell from her singing at all - picture perfect. "

"What an incredible concert.....very small, intimate theatre...the power of her voice would blow you out of your seat"

"Tonight we shared an evening with Idina (and about 375 other fans) at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, NJ. Idina was awesome - beautiful, real and, even, emotional at times. It was a special night with a very special lady. Idina: we wish you all the very best on the tour"
All in all, one special evening.