Monday, April 21, 2008

Lessons in Laughter

Well the reviews are in and George Street has ended its season "on a high note."
For those of you who have missed recent posts about Roger is Dead with now is your LAST CHANCE! You have 3 weeks left to catch it . As the
Two River Times says, "Elaine May is at the top of her game, which, for those who might not remember, is to entertain with an edge."

While many of you may know who Elaine May is, I only recently discovered just how funny Ms. May and her partner Mike Nichols really were as a comedic duo. During her stay here in rehearsal everyone would refer to the "telephone call" or the "doctor / nurse sketch", and quote lines like "It's a mother's love". Well I recently happened across this podcast with STEVE MARTIN, courtesy of Public Radio, with clips from the old Nichols and May routines. It's a great resource and hysterically funny.

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